If you’d like to request WIFT-FL participation or support for your organization or special event, please review our policy below.

We’ve included information on the most common examples of support that we may be able to provide, if requested. Please note

that we do not provide financial support, but only “in kind” support.

A function of this page is to educate requestors, and receive, evaluate legality, determine supportability and coordinate support efforts requiring WIFT-FL assets and resources. There are a number of state and Federal restrictions on how we can support organizations and events. If your organization is nonprofit (must provide your Federal EIN#), we can help you by providing “in kind” services to a value of $300.  If you are for profit your organization MUST be a corporate member.  By letting us know in writing by the deadlines noted below, you greatly increase the chances that we will be able to assist you.

In an effort to increase public awareness of WIFT-FL and to improve community relations, all efforts will be made to support all legal requests for assistance, however explicit regulatory guidance specifies the type and timing of the support that we may provide. Please keep in mind that if your event occurs during the work week it could conflict with the full-time employment of our members, so certain events may be difficult for us to support.

Instructions on requesting assistance and a brief description of what procedures will occur upon receipt of each request are explained in the instructions below, or email us at

Requesting Support:

Please keep in mind that WIFT-FL is a part-time volunteer non-profit organization. In order to support an event, requests must be submitted up to 90-days prior to the date of your event. We try to fulfill as many of these requests as possible; however, operational commitments take priority and may supercede a request with little advance notice. All requests for assistance must be submitted on the form, which you will find below.

If you’d like to request WIFT-FL participation or support for your organization or special event, please read below for specific information on how and when to make your request. We’ve included information on the most common examples of support that we may be able to provide, if requested:

Requesting WIFT-FL Volunteers:

Many times, special event organizers call requesting volunteer assistance from WIFT-FL members.  Members of WIFT-FL have a proud history of local community service, including participation in film festivals, training & seminars, panels, job placement and other events. The WIFT-FL board receives all volunteer requests, reviews and validates their legal propriety, votes to approve, and then puts out a call across the organization for volunteers. Volunteers are not provided in an “official” capacity. WIFT-FL, as a non-profit organization, refrains from endorsing specific organizations or events that it does not officially sponsor. Instead, it is up to the individual WIFT-FL members to decide whether they volunteer their time. Event organizers should also be aware that mission requirements may, on occasion, prevent our people from supporting events. To request WIFT-FL volunteers, event organizers should submit a completed request.  Requests should be submitted 60-90 days prior to the event - less than 60 days notice greatly reduces the chance that volunteer support will be available. Requests received 30 days or closer to the event generally are NOT considered. Be sure to include the event’s name and date, the sponsoring organization, and the name, telephone, and email of the point of contact for the event. 

Requesting a WIFT-FL Speaker & Panel Members:

We typically can provide speakers and panel members to talk about and discuss the entertainment industry, but can also provide speakers for certain private engagements. 

Requesting a WIFT-FL Seminars, Training and workshops:

WIFT-FL Members are also available for informational specialty classes. We have available highly trained professionals who love to provide training to those interested in the entertainment industry.  Please try and submit your request no less than 60 days prior to the event. 

In addition, WIFT-FL will provide the following:

Provide advertising/support logo prominently displayed on all materials, email correspondence and social media, Face Book, WIFT-FL website and its support for the event.  WIFT-FL will email invitations to its state wide membership along with our other state organization, Film FL, FL SMPTE Group, FFN and Orlando Green Room. That would be approx. 1,400 members.  

The Request for Support Review/Approval Process:

Once  the written requests are received by email, it is logged for tracking purposes.  Please provide an e-mail address (if available) for further communications as this is the preferred method of correspondence. It is important that your request is in our office no later the aforementioned days (30-90 days) before your event.  You will receive an email of the receipt of your request. A cursory review of your request by our secretary will occur before being forwarded for review by (1) the Events Chair (2) the president (3) and finally the board for approval. If your request is deemed not authorized by our mission, bylaws or non-supportable at this point, you will be notified by telephone. Once the board has approved and we have ability to execute the request, you will be contacted directly by our secretary.  Upon completion of your event, please send an e-mail or letter addressing any comments or concerns reference the handling and support of your request, to the address above.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the WIFT-FL to be a part of your event. If you still have questions about any part of the process, please contact us at:

WIFT-Florida  P.O. Box 533541 Orlando, FL 32853-3541

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