Our committees are the backbone of our organization. Be a leader in the community! Which committee will we see you on?

Membership Committee:

Art Smith Jr. (Chair), Lindsey Fuller Sandrin, David Cole

The membership committee is responsible for seeking out members within the production community and maintaining relationships with our current members.

Liaison with other industry non-profit organizations | Maintain the membership database Follow up with member inquiries |      Work with various committees to organize quarterly membership drives | Work with local businesses, agencies, and universities to recruit new members | Work with other WIFT Branches to enhance and facilitate relationships with our sister groups
Programming/Events Committee:

Nancy McBride (Chair), Lindsey Fuller Sandrin (Co-Chair), Alexa Sheehan, Janeen Sara, Sheri Taylor

The programming/events committee produces a wide-range of programs for WIFT-FL members and industry professionals.

Plans 4 quarterly meetings per year | Plan special events including, but not limited to advanced movie screenings, and the

Jingle Mingle annual holiday gala | Plan educational seminars and hands-on workshops

Education & Scholarship Committee:
Art Smith, Jr. (Chair)Larry Haber, David Cole, Nancy McBride

Growing the infrastructure of the Florida production community is vital, thus the education and scholarship committee works with industry professionals, as well as local high schools and universities to create mentorship opportunities for those breaking into the industry. This committee also oversees fundraising for, and awarding of scholarships to promising students and members.

Cultivating student memberships Seeking out and cultivating internship opportunities | Overseeing mentorships|           

Fostering relationships with local colleges and universities Providing training opportunities

Branch Committee:

Art Smith Jr. (Chair)

Charged with overseeing the administration of local WIFT-Branches.

Orlando: Lindsey Fuller Sandrin (Chair)

Daytona Beach: Stephanie Mazzeo (Chair)

Tampa Bay: Staci Talley (Chair), Sarah Spicer (Coordinator)

South Florida: Sabine Krausch (Chair), Bianka Krausch (Co-Chair)

Jacksonville: Janeen Sara (Chair)

Melbourne: Sheri Taylor (Chair)

MarCom Committee:

Stephanie Mazzeo (Chair), Dana Pellerin (Co-Chair) 

The WIFT-FL Marketing/Communications Committee oversees the public face of WIFT-FL. 

Manages social media and promotional materials | Assists the other WIFT-FL committees with their outreach needs.

Nominating Committee:  

Lindsey Sandrin (Chair), Art Smith Jr (Co-Chair), Alexa Sheehan, Larry Haber

Charged with soliciting, collecting, and reviewing nominations for the Board of Directors and Officers of the Board of Directors in time for the election.

Budgeting Committee:

Art Smith Jr. (Chair), Dave Cole (Co-Chair), Alexa Sheehan 

Muse Committee:

Sheri Taylor (Chair), Art Smith (Co-Chair)

The WIFT-FL Muse Award is dedicated to the sharing and enjoyment of all entertainment art forms.  Our selections are experts in their fields, and they come from all directions of Florida, with the common interest in improving the art form, raising its standards and inspiring all those who have found themselves on this creative and rewarding path.


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