Awards for General Registration:- Best Film, - Best Performance,- Best Script, - Best Cinematography- Best Directing- Best Editing
- Best Creature (Design and usage) Filmmakers in the Novice category will have the opportunity to win awards for Best Film and Best Script. Filmmakers in the Student category will have the opportunity to win an award for Best Film only.

Rules & Terms

General Information:
Filmmakers will be assigned a random creature and genre during the kick-off event and will have two weeks to make a 5-8 minute film.

9/23 6pm Kick-Off Event will begin the two week competition. Creature and genre will be randomly selected. Live event will take place in Tampa, FL and live broadcast on Facebook.
10/7 All films are to be submitted through Filmfreeway by 6pm.
10/20 All films will be shown at Necronomicon in Tampa, FL. Each film entry will receive one free ticket to attend the festival.

Student - Filmmakers that are 18 years of age or younger
Novice - Filmmakers that want to tell a great story and have fun but don’t have experience yet
General - All other filmmakers

$65 General registration fee
$35 Novice filmmakers registration fee
$25 Students filmmakers registration fee
Since the competition is for charity, registration fees are considered charitable donations for tax purposes.
Refunds will not be given.

How to Register:
Before submitting, create a default project with Creature Feature Film Challenge as title and your submitter information. No other information is needed at time of submission. Prior to film challenge end, October 7 at 6pm , upload film title, any production details (director, cast, etc) and final copy to the existing project in FilmFreeway.

- Communication will be primarily through the Creature Feature Competition Facebook Page. Join the page to receive notifications and updates.
- Creature assigned must be a major part of the film.
- No nudity
- You cannot use existing footage. All footage must be filmed within the competition time frame (stock footage can be used)
- Before the event, you can: Organize crew, Organize cast, Secure equipment, Secure locations
- Before the event, you cannot: Write the script, Rehearse,Create costume,Create set design, Film any scenes
- Films can be any length between 5-8 minutes
- Film must be in English or have English subtitles
- Must have rights to use music or use public domain music
- Filmmakers retain 100% of the rights to their project
- In submitting your work, you are admitting that your entry is your original work and does not infringe on the copyright or other rights of other people

Possible Creatures: - Vampires or werewolves- Mythical creatures and urban legends- Ghosts and demons- Psychics and witches
- Innocently evil (Ex: a child, elderly person, mother, doll)- Technology and robots- Object- Alien- Undead

Films should be submitted through Filmfreeway in h.246/mp4 format by 6pm on 10/7 to qualify for awards. Films sent after 6pm will still be shown at the event but are not eligible for awards.
All films must also be sent on a thumbdrive to be received by 10/18. This is a backup in case there are any issues.
Creature Feature Competition
P.O. Box 34088, Tampa, FL 33694